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Vacation Menus


Step 1: Select Your Meals
Whether your ordering for yourself or a group of people our meals are made to fit your lifestyle. Select your meal and adjust your servings.

Step 2: Schedule Your Delivery (At Checkout)
Planning a vacation in advance? Schedule your delivery to arrive when you do. (All deliveries will arrive Tuesday-Friday)

Step 3: Get Your Delivery
Upon arrival you’ll open a box of fully cooked meals, complete with simple heating instructions to have a delicious meal in 20 minutes or less!

Step 4: Heat, Eat, Enjoy!
Planning a get away just got easier! Avoid multiple trips to the grocery store & cooking on your vacation with out budget friendly meals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your space.

All meals are fully cooked, vacuum sealed for peak freshness, and then frozen and shipped to you. Meals will arrive frozen in a cooler for you to use immediately, or save for a later date. No Prep. No Waste. No Mess. Make Life Simply Better!