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Are you a florist in New Jersey? Look at these bulk roses available in orange and yellow shades.

Stems In Bulk: 200 Stems, Your Choice of Colors (Oranges/Yellows)

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With almost every color of the rainbow and then some, this Bulk pack of 200 roses is the perfect way to design with several bunches of roses. Roses are one of the most popular flowers, known for their cup-shaped blooms and velvety petals. 

With colorful and symbolic meanings, it is now easier than ever to add many different shades of roses into your design or event. Rose colors have different meanings. Red means romance, pink means gratitude, orange means passion, yellow means friendship and white means purity. This pack includes four bunches of 50 roses, each of which will arrive in your choice of color. Excellent for any type of arrangement, our wholesale roses can be used for centerpieces, flower bouquets, wedding arches, and more. For a modern look, try pairing with air plants to merge the fresh cut with a living keepsake, or myrtle greenery, which is a very complementary lateral greenery.