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Be sure to check out our Dark pink themed centerpieces if you're a wedding planner.
Wedding planner in New York City? Try out our gorgeous dark pink themed centerpieces
Our dark pink centerpieces are the ideal way to celebrate at a DIY wedding.

Centerpieces In Bulk: Dark Pink

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About The Product:

Bring an extra bit of pomp and circumstance to your events with our Dark Pink Flower Centerpieces. With a large variety of magentas, rich dark pinks, purples, and red flowers, these vibrant flowers are an elegant spectacle. These centerpieces work well with black-tie dinner parties, evening weddings, and any other regal events — especially as the focal point on any cocktail table or bathroom entrance. The vivid, deep hues of this flower arrangement incorporate our event-centric designs from our flower studio in Ecuador, and are a simple way to take your event to the next level.