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How It Works

Our Meal Process

Our Meal Process

Pick a plan

Whether you're booking a vacation, hosting a party, taking care of a loved one, or cooking for yourself, we have a flexible plan to match your needs!

Get Your Delivery

Shipped directly to your front door, you will open your fully prepared Chef inspired meals. Simple step-by-step instruction sheets are included with every box to get you started in no time!

Cook, eat, & enjoy

Getting tired of being the one who always shops, cooks, and cleans up dinner? With our fully prepared meals the only cooking knowledge you need is how to boil water! Anyone in your family can do it within 15 minutes with no clean-up or shopping required!

Our Flower Process

Our Flower Process

Pick a plan

Whether you are ordering for your home, a loved one, hosting a party, or planning a wedding, our extensive floral collection allows you to pick a style and color that completley represents you! 

Get your delivery

Shipped directly to your front door you will open your pre-assembled arrangements. Simple step-by-step instruction sheets and flower care information are included with every box to make flower arranging simple and cost effective. 

Cut, Place, and Enjoy

Getting magazine worthy designer looks doesn't have to cost you a fortune! Our in-house pro floral team prepares your flowers for long lasting life, the largest bloom possible, and gorgeous designer looks that match your personal style. Keep your home or event looking photo-shoot ready with these finishing touch arrangements.


MEALS: Enjoy relaxing and get your evenings back by avoiding shopping, cooking, and even cleaning while keeping a designer-looking home. 

FLOWERS: Studies show that living with flowers significantly alleviates stress, especially in women. By adding a form of nature to your home, you can improve your environment and all-around mood. 

No waste

MEALS: Our sous-vide bags are recyclable, packaged for portion control, and are made freezer friendly. Decreasing the percentage of food waste in your family and helping the world become greener in the process.

FLOWERS: Both our vases and shipping materials are made from recycled products and can be recycled again to help the environment.  

Deliciousness & Beauty

MEALS: Our chef-created dishes are tested by hundreds of members before they officially make it to our menu to ensure that whether you're ordering for yourself or someone else, it's the tastiest dish you've ever had!

FLOWERS: Pinterest favorite styles for every age and occasion. From rustic, farmhouse, modern, boho, and everything in between, our extensive collection and color selections can tie into any look.


MEALS: Our software will walk you through the steps to make sure you have everything you need. No cooking skills? No problem! Just place the bag in boiling water, cut, and place on your plate and presto your meal is complete! We make your life easier so that you can have more fun!

FLOWERS: No green thumb required! Our florists do all the work when it comes to prepping your flowers for the utmost durability and beauty. All you have to do is cut and place in water and voila a beautiful arrangement for a beautiful space. 

living healthy

MEALS: With a transparent ingredient list on every dish, you can select meals that fit your ideal dietary lifestyle.

FLOWERS: Purchasing for someone who has daily stress, heart disease, depression, asthma, diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or struggling with obesity? Living with flowers around the home has be proven in scientific studies to decrease stress, which can be a major factor to the above listed diseases. Learn More

picky eaters & allergens

MEALS: Tell us what you don't like on our initial ordering form and we will recommend dishes that fit your tastes.

FLOWERS: Have issues with specific flowers? Let us know and our team will substitute flowers accordingly.