How It Works

Simple Online Gifting

Simple Online Gifting

Pick Their Perfect Gift OR Let Them Choose!

Select the perfect gift every time with Fork & Flowers. Gift senders can either select a specific gift or they can give giftees the option to choose within a specific category and price range.

Gift One Or A Ton!

With Fork and Flowers, we give our customers the option to gift multiple people in one order. Whether you're selecting the same gift for many people or individual gifts for each, gifting in bulk has never been easier!  

We Take Adding Giftee Information Off Your Plate.

Want to send a gift but don't know where to send it? Not a problem! All you need is the giftee's name and email address. Once you've placed the order, each giftee will be sent a personalized e-message that a gift is on the way along with brief form to fill out the best address for where the gift needs to go.  

Personalize Your Appreciation

Add a customized message to individual orders or in bulk so that your personal touch is felt with every gift you send. (Sending gifts on a company's behalf? Upload and store current logos and branding when you create a FREE account, for yourself and your entire team to use.) 

Real Time Tracking & Easy Account Management

Life events don't happen on a schedule. Once your order has been confirmed, your staff and giftee will receive real time notifications to track their gift for peace of mind and customer satisfaction. (For FREE corporate accounts: make viewing important information easy for your entire team.) 

Fresh Flower Gifts

Fresh Flower Gifts

Sign up for your free account

First, sign up for your free account to house all your orders in one place for easy tracking and management.

Select The Perfect Gift Or, Let Them Pick

Second, either select a gift that is perfect for them, or purchase a gift card to let them decide.

Add On Personalization

Looking to add a personal touch? Select from either our pre-designed cards or create one all on your own.

Send To Many

Once you reach the checkout, adjust the quantity you want to send and attach the recipients information.

Shipped Fresh

Each box includes simple step-by-step instructions for proper care and long lasting freshness. Keep your food and flowers looking and tasting fresh with our step by step instruction sheet.

Track Gifts Together

Share tracking details with recipients for peace of mind all around.


FORK: Send a gift or gift card with our easy, customizable ordering process. When you set up a corporate account with us, you can also earn additional discounts and order support!

FLOWERS: Studies show that living with flowers significantly alleviates stress. Send a fresh bouquet to show those special people what they mean to you!

No waste

FORK: Our air tight bags are recyclable, packaged for families of 4, and are made freezer friendly to keep food fresh for longer. Help us decrease food and plastic waste to make the world a happier, cleaner place!

FLOWERS: All of our flowers are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes to make them easy to dispose of and help eliminate long term waste.

Deliciousness & Beauty

FORK: Our chef-created dishes are tested by hundreds of members before they officially make it to our menu to ensure that whether you're ordering for yourself or someone else, it's the tastiest dish you've ever had!

FLOWERS: Pinterest favorite styles for every age and occasion. From rustic, farmhouse, modern, boho, and everything in between, our extensive collection and color selections can tie into any look.


FORK: Our software will walk you through the steps to make sure you have everything you need. No cooking skills? No problem! Our meals can be reheated via stovetop, microwave, or oven. We make your life easier so that you can have more fun!

FLOWERS: No green thumb required! Our florists do all the work when it comes to prepping your flowers for the utmost durability and beauty. All you have to do is cut and place in water and voila a beautiful arrangement for a beautiful space. 

living healthy

FORK: With a transparent ingredient list on every bag, you can select meals that fit your ideal dietary lifestyle.

FLOWERS: Living with flowers around the home has been proven in scientific studies to decrease stress and increase happiness! Send a beautiful bouquet to let those special people you're thinking about them!

picky eaters & allergens

FORK: You pick which meals work best for you so you can enjoy every mouthful.

FLOWERS: Have a sensitivity to certain flowers? No problem! Each arrangment includes a list of flowers included, so you can best choose which one works for you.