Barcelona Orchid Duo
Barcelona Orchid Duo
Barcelona Orchid Duo

Barcelona Orchid Duo

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Bright Barcelona beckons with this splendid orchid duo set! Combining the colors of sand with passionate purple and vibrant coral, the Barcelona Orchid Duo is as colorful as the city that inspires it. This bright orchid duo is perfect for home growers as well as a delightful gift for any occasion!
Caring for your new orchid is easy! Simply add three ice cubes once a week to the potting media per orchid. Your orchid's roots will quickly tell you if it's getting enough water:
- Green: getting enough water.
- Brown and mushy: too much water.
- Grayish-white: needs more water. If you notice your orchid's roots are white or grayish, misting may help increase the humidity and help your orchid be healthier.
**Misting does not replace watering.

*Measures 16”-30” tall and includes a 10 inch pot.